Life 2 The Limit 2010

In April 2010, ten ordinary people will leave behind family, friends, and the comforts of home, and embark upon an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Armed with nothing more than the contents of a five-litre backpack, they'll set off for the raw beauty of the Asia Pacific archipelago, and 30 days alone on a remote island. Except they won't be entirely alone: they'll have snakes, insects, and thick tropical jungle for company - and, most challenging of all, each other.

There are no evictions, no immunities, no surprise luxuries: just one month learning to adjust to an alien environment, to make the jungle home, and to somehow survive on the island's fresh water, and whatever food the jungle and ocean offer. Food that will need to be hunted, trapped or caught. Hunger, sleep deprivation, and a range of emotional challenges - for the ten people involved, surviving the island could be their greatest achievement ever, as they discover exactly what it means to live Life 2 the Limit.

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They are ordinary people just like you. They have jobs, houses, families and friends just like you. But something inside them - a survival instinct, a curiosity, a spiritual calling perhaps - is prompting them the leave these ordinarily lives for 30 days, and embark on the biggest adventure of their lives. The challenges will be huge, but the reward of survival even more so. But will they make it? Do the participants have what it takes to face hunger, sleep deprivation, heat, wild animals and a lack of everything they are used to in their every day lives to make it alive for one whole month? Most of all, will they be able to cope with one another? Take a peek at the ten adventurers and figure it out for yourself. They come from different backgrounds, do different things, live in different areas and are taking the Life 2 The Limit challenge for different reasons.

  Who will lead the team?     Who will be led by others?     Who will support everyone else?     Who will work the hardest?     Who will struggle the most?     Who will make it the full month?     And who will crack under the pressure?











Angi's life philosophy is about balancing her 7 Fs: family, friends, finances, faith, freedom, fitness and fun. She has a black belt in karate, loves horse riding, mountain biking and sailing. She also coaches and plays hockey part time and if an adventure race comes along she's there!

Age: 42

Originally from: Knysna, South Africa

Currently living in: Stellenbosch, South Africa

What's your occupation? I am a teacher, nurse, psychologist, cook, entertainer, cleaner, coach, arbitrator and more... What more could a woman want? I am a very occupied mom and love it!
What's been your biggest adventure to date? Seven weeks spent in eight different European countries lugging my 45kg sports kit (including 2 épée swords and an air pistol). Interestingly, the undeclared pistol was never queried or caused any concern to airport officials! I went to compete in my first Masters’ Modern Pentathlon World Championship in the Czech Republic, my father’s birthplace. En route I happened to end up in Lausanne in Switzerland where the World Triathlon Championships were being held. I found myself competing, never before having done such an event, never mind qualifying for it! Running past the awesome Olympic Museum and down the blue carpet alongside the lake was unforgettable. People cheering, television cameras pointing – what a feeling! My biggest adventure and challenge at the moment is being married to a wonderful man and bringing up 3 amazing children.
What are you worried about in this challenge? I am worried about having to eat cute, cuddly as well as squishy, squirmy creatures. Secondly, I am worried about not finding any cute, cuddly as well as squishy, squirmy creatures to eat! Home sickness is also a concern, something that may play a bigger role when being tired and hungry.

What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? I am fascinated to experience living by my wits, totally outside my comfort zone (which I am really fond of, especially a hot shower, comfy bed, chocolate and a good book). I hope to form life-long friendships with my fellow islanders as well as great long term relationships with the supporters and champions of our charities.

Charity of choice: Red Cross Childrens Hospital [ visit website ]

Huenu is an entrepreneur with a big passion for adventure. She is the founder of Life 2 The Limit and is very worried about being very hungry on the island!

Age: 32

Originally from: Esquel, Argentina

Currently living in: Cape Town, South Africa

What's your occupation? I'm the owner of Adventure Boot Camp, an outdoor fitness programme for women in South Africa.

What's been your biggest adventure to date? I'm a student helicopter pilot and flying choppers on my own is one of the coolest things ever! Flying in general has always been a passion of mine. I have done many solo skydives and in 1999 I flew with two crazy adventurers in a microlight from Peru to Ecuador which was an unforgettable experience. I would consider my entire life my biggest adventure though - having lived in 14 cities and 6 countries around the world, every move has been an adventure in itself and the places I've seen and the people I've related with have all been incredible and have taught me a lot about life. I am now learning Japanese which happens to be my 8th language!

What are you worried about in this challenge? Hunger! I've been to the island and I know for a fact there are no palm trees, no fruit trees, no nothing that you can see that's edible. Sure there are fish, but how on earth do you catch them? I'm worried about hunger because I've never been in that situation and I don't know what I'll be like when I'm hungry for one, two, three... 30 days straight! It makes me a little nervous. I've also never done anything so physically challenging. I am not triathlon or marathon material and I generally steer away from huge physical efforts (though I like to keep fit and do sports), so having never been in a situation like this, I don't know how I will react. But that's the point - to live challenging and new experiences and make it against all odds!

What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? Appreciation, humbleness, spirituality, understanding. For me, this is a personal journey of self discovery. I lost my dear brother unexpectedly very recently in August 2009 and it has become even more important for me to do this. It will definitely be a spiritual journey with some big lessons that will stay with me forever - I have no doubt!

Charity of choice: The Water Project [ visit website ]

Joe is from Cape Town, South Africa. He enjoys playing frisbee, reading philosophy and photographing sunsets and cant wait to immerse himself in nature and live by his wits.

Age: 32

Originally from: Cape Town, South Africa

Currently living in: Between Cape Town, Pakistan and London

What's your occupation? I am a medical doctor, recently returned from working with Doctors Without Borders in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

What's been your biggest adventure to date? I was fortunate enough to spend 15 months as the leader of the 44th South African National Antarctic Expedition. This was an incredible experience in the most isolated and also one of the most beautiful places on earth. The vast empty spaces, breathtaking Aurora Australis (southern lights) and clear, penetrating silence were life changing. Since then, I have continued to explore unusual and interesting places and regard my life as an opportunity for adventure.

What are you worried about in this challenge? Although I think the challenge of finding all our food will be intense, I am a bit more concerned about the sorts of creepy crawlies that could be trying to share our sleeping bags… although come to think of it, it might just get to the point where we need to catch them and put them on the menu for dinner! Whatever happens, I think we are all going to be pushed to the limit and it is there that really exciting things take place…

What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? This challenge, like many of the other things I have done over the past few years, is about self-discovery. I believe we only get one chance at life and it has been my intention for some time to make the most of every moment of mine. I think it is only by stepping out of our comforts zones that we can really learn and evolve as people and this will certainly fall into that category. Yeeha! Bring it on!

Charity of choice: Peninsula School Feeding Association [ visit website ]

Jono is a born and bred Joburg man currently working as a private banker. He pushes his mind and body to the limit by partaking in various endurance races from mountain biking to road running and cant wait to test his capabilities on the island. He lives fast and takes chances because why tip-toe through life only to arrive at deaths door quietly.

Age: 31

Originally from: Johannesburg, South Africa

Currently living in : Johannesburg, South Africa

What's your occupation? I am a Private Banker. I.e. I look after rich people!

What's been your biggest adventure to date? I have tried to ensure that my whole life is an adventure. From doing extreme sports, to running the Comrades marathon (89km race), to working as a Reservist in the South African Police force have all left me with loads of memories and a few scares!

What are you worried about in this challenge? I am worried about a few things actually. Being hungry is top of the list. I eat almost six times a day and can’t imagine experiencing hunger pains and not being able to stop at a shop or open the fridge to grab a snack. The group dynamics is going to be fascinating and scary. Ten people being stress-tested to the limit… who knows how we are going to react and cope. It will be a psychologist’s dream case study.

What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? In a nutshell, personal growth. All the challenges that I do help me to figure out more about who I am and what makes me tick. I realise this is an endless journey unto itself. I know why I was put on this earth - I just need to explore how to fulfil that in the best possible way. A challenge like this, I imagine, will offer major time for reflection and build one’s self awareness further; never mind pushing one’s mental capability to the ultimate limit.

Charity of choice: The Chaeli Campaign [ visit website ]

Kristen is a 30 year old event planner living in Calgary. She is constantly on the go, immersing herself in new opportunities whenever she can. She is passionate about food, wine and people. She spends much of the little spare time she has photographing the world around her, writing, cooking and traveling to new destinations.

Age: 30

Originally from: Winnipeg, Canada

Currently living in: Calgary, Canada

What's your occupation? I am an event planner at a small boutique style catering company called Devour Catering.
What's been your biggest adventure to date? Probably a 3.5 days, 62km back country hike in the Rockies. It was challenging from the get go, having never done it before and being emotionally, physically and psychologically unprepared. It was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about myself. It also played a big part in instilling the desire for more adventure in my life which brings me to my on-going adventure which is travelling and learning about different cultures through food, language, and people.
What are you worried about in this challenge? Well, we all know the entire experience is going to be a tough one. But probably one of the things I will struggle with the most will be the hundreds and thousands of creepy little insects that will be invading our very personal space on a regular basis and potentially becoming part of our meal plan. But I think the really challenging component is going to be the human aspect; we are going to need to work together in a team of ten through 30 days of possible starvation, dehydration and sleep deprivation just to name a few. Solid communication is going to be tougher and tougher as the days go by. The personal efforts we will all go through are going to be life changing... to say the least.
What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? We only have one chance at this life and I want to make the most of it. I have realised no matter how long or short this life may be; it is up to me to create the best life, to challenge myself to the outer limits, to be adventurous and live outside the box a little. I want my life to be a part of something that is bigger than just me. I want this journey to be one of self–discovery and one that will allow me to continue to work on my strengths and weaknesses as a person in a positive and beneficial way not just for me, but for all those around me. Let the adventure begin!

Charity of choice: 60 Million Girls [ visit website ]

Lisa is from Vancouver, and loves how close her city is to nature. Described by her friends as a "big kid", she loves to laugh and have a good time! She is passionate about her job teaching kids and loves the positive outlook they have! She is an avid traveler, and won't miss an opportunity to drag her surfboard along with her on an adventure to find the perfect wave.

Age: 28

Originally from: Vancouver, Canada

Currently living in: Vancouver, Canada

What's your occupation? I am an elementary school teacher in Richmond, Canada.
What's been your biggest adventure to date? A spontaneous four day trek in the Eastern Sahara desert. Cooking bread in the sand, learning how to deal with angry camels, and the incredible temperature changes between the morning and night were all interesting to experience, not to mention a brief look into the traditional Bedouin lifestyle.
What are you worried about in this challenge? Well, having enough to eat is definitely up there, but I think that the most challenging thing that we will all encounter is learning how to communicate and understand each other’s needs in the face of considerable adversity. The idea of getting some weird tropical disease also weighs on my mind a little.
What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? I am sure that this will be a humbling and life changing journey, with plenty of time for self reflection. I seek a deeper understanding of who I am, of my strengths and weaknesses, and a greater appreciation of what I have physically, mentally and materially. I am excited to be pushed beyond my limits, and to test my ability to make the best of a hard situation for myself and those around me. Furthermore, I am excited to have to opportunity to experience a lifestyle where my food (if any!) comes primarily from the sea. I am also hoping to raise awareness and money for the Surfrider Foundation –an international non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the world’s oceans and coastal environments for all people through conservation, activism, research and education. So many people in our world depend on the sea for their livelihood that it is important to preserve this incredible resource.

Charity of choice: Surfrider Foundation [ visit website ]

Matt is from Calgary, Canada. He lives for fly fishing; when not on the river he enjoys climbing, rafting, skiing and photography. He looks forward to testing his fishing skills in a survival environment and hopes to build a luxurious tree house if there is such a thing as spare time.

Age: 50

Originally from: Vancouver, Canada

Currently living in : Calgary, Canada

What's your occupation? I manage a division that supplies environmentally safe drilling fluids to the water well, geothermal and geotechnical industries.

What's been your biggest adventure to date? Rafting 400 km down the Nahanni River in Northern Canada this summer. It wasn’t the most challenging or most dangerous thing I have ever done but it was by far the most interesting. We encountered 40oC heat while floating on an ice cold river, perpetual daylight, hordes of ravenous insects, forest fires, canyons 900m deep, hot springs, caves and had an opportunity to spend time with the native Dene people.

What are you worried about in this challenge? I’m not too worried about the survival aspect, although one month is certainly going to be a big challenge. I’m more worried about the people aspect - how are ten hungry, tired and mentally displaced strangers without the essentials and comforts of modern society going to function effectively together as a group for one month. It will take a huge effort on everyone’s part; challenging is an understatement.

What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? The name says it all - Life 2 The Limit! This will change all of us and things discovered will be carried for life. At 50, although I’m still physically able to achieve things I did in my 20’s, I’m also aware that won’t always be the case. For me, this will be a significant turning point in my life, and I believe this experience will help clarify the more spiritual aspects of me as a person. As a child, most people dream about being stranded on a desert island - how many actually have the opportunity to live it?

Charity of choice: Classrooms in the Clouds [ visit website ]

If travelling was an Olympic Sport, Maya Blix would be a gold medal winner. 'Ask and you shall receive' is one of her many mottos, and there is no such thing as taking 'no' for an answer. She loves random facts and is renowned for her Q & A sessions amongst friends.

Age: 34

Originally from: Oslo, Norway

Currently living in: Oslo, Norway

What's your occupation? I work for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) - an independent, humanitarian organisation which provides assistance, protection and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. I am also a Holistic Nutritional Therapist and work with people who want a healthy body and a healthy mind.
What's been your biggest adventure to date? Every day is a new adventure! I have lived all around the world for the last 14 years - in Norway, USA, Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, England and Canada - and I find that the smallest things can potentially turn into a huge adventure. I have always craved the unknown and love the uncertain parts of life more than the certain ones. All in all I find that an open mind is the greatest vehicle on the journey of life.
What are you worried about in this challenge? I am not particularly worried about any specific parts of this challenge, but I am definitely very intrigued and extremely excited. They say 'ignorance is bliss', don't they? Of course I have many thoughts about the fact that there is a lack of food, but this is a challenge much more than a concern for me at this point in time. The humidity and heat will, no doubt, be challenging - as will the bzzzzz'ing mosquitos...
What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? I hope to bring myself back to basics - both mentally and physically. This is a chance to re-calibrate, re-evaluate and re-focus, as well as take onboard the simplicity of life. I have an enormous respect for Mother Nature, and hope to be able to live off of what she provides. I also see this as an opportunity to stretch myself to my outer limits - both personally as well as in cooperation with the 9 other people who will join me on this adventure. I hope to have a brand new perspective as well as reach a new level of humbleness after Life 2 The Limit.

Charity of choice: Nelson Mandela Children's Fund [ visit website ]

Nick is an aspiring mountain bum from Cape Town. As the youngest member on the island, hes looking forward to bringing a youthful perspective to the team, and learning how to interact with nine other hungry, tired and sunburned survivors.

Age: 25

Originally from: Cape Town, South Africa

Currently living in : Cape Town, South Africa

What's your occupation? I work for an outdoor adventure company called Cape Union Mart. Amongst other things, I review gear and deliver presentations on how to climb Kilimanjaro.

What's been your biggest adventure to date? Definitely summiting Mount Kilimanjaro as part of an annual staff expedition. By far the most grueling physical challenge I’ve ever encountered, but SO worth it. Sunrise from the highest point on the African continent – unbeatable. Second to that was probably the Three Peaks challenge, an endurance race spanning Cape Town’s three iconic peaks – Devil’s, Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, from Cape Town's Green Market Square each time. 45 odd kilometres in one day, and a month to recover.

What are you worried about in this challenge? Not making it the full 30 days. Sure, creepy crawlies and crazy jellyfish bother me, but the thought of not being able to endure a month is far more concerning. I’m not sure my ego could take coming home early! I also love my food, so not having much will be a rather challenging experience.

What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? Increased knowledge of self, I suppose. And a good story. I’m a big fan of doing things for the story. I’m also interested to see if the survival tips and tricks you read on paper actually work in the Great Outdoors. Man, what an opportunity – I’m so excited!

Charity of choice: Axium Education [ visit website ]

Saul lives occasionally in Johannesburg, South Africa. He can never quite sit still and is looking forward to swimming daily laps around the island!

Age: 31

Originally from: Cape Town, South Africa

Currently living in: Johannesburg, South Africa

What's your occupation? I am the head of Africa Health Placements, a social profit project which works with partners to bring health workers to where they are needed most in southern Africa.
What's been your biggest adventure to date? Four friends and I bought a traditional (leaky!) Arabian Dhow and sailed it, unconverted, down the east coast of Africa for 6 months. Other than our skip, we had never sailed before. We sailed and lived amongst the local Swahili sailors, and had to find/catch our own food the whole way. Lived, slept, cooked and ate on the little deck which we had made on our glorified sailing canoe, exposed to the elements, sharing it with the cockroaches, scorpions, centipedes, lice...
What are you worried about in this challenge? An insect crawling into my ear when I am sleeping, laying its eggs there, which then hatch when I am comfortably watching South Park on my couch many years later! I’m taking ear plugs. Probably just food, water, shelter, fire – what else do you really need? Human relationships...
What do you hope to achieve by doing this challenge? The greater the separation between us and the natural environment from which our intelligence and creativity has evolved, the greater our impact on its ecology. My life in modern society is quite far removed from the consequences of my actions. I would like to test my intelligence against the wild, and expand my knowledge around what it really takes to survive. I would also like to learn about myself within the dynamic created by 10 relative strangers being dropped in this situation together. It should spur creativity, ingenuity and be a fun experience. It’s about quenching a thirst for adventure, reassessing my priorities and getting to know some new people really well. Finally, I hope to raise funds for AHP, which works to bring resources to rural settings not quite as resource poor as our deserted island...

Charity of choice: Africa Health Placements [ visit website ]