Life 2 The Limit 2010

In April 2010, ten ordinary people will leave behind family, friends, and the comforts of home, and embark upon an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Armed with nothing more than the contents of a five-litre backpack, they'll set off for the raw beauty of the Asia Pacific archipelago, and 30 days alone on a remote island. Except they won't be entirely alone: they'll have snakes, insects, and thick tropical jungle for company - and, most challenging of all, each other.

There are no evictions, no immunities, no surprise luxuries: just one month learning to adjust to an alien environment, to make the jungle home, and to somehow survive on the island's fresh water, and whatever food the jungle and ocean offer. Food that will need to be hunted, trapped or caught. Hunger, sleep deprivation, and a range of emotional challenges - for the ten people involved, surviving the island could be their greatest achievement ever, as they discover exactly what it means to live Life 2 the Limit.

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AngiAngi Stanford
Angi's life philosophy is about balancing her 7 Fs: family, friends, finances, faith, ...
HuenuHuenu Solsona
Huenu is an entrepreneur with a big passion for adventure. She is the founder of ...
JoeJoe Starke
Joe is from Cape Town, South Africa. He enjoys playing frisbee, reading philosophy ...
JonoJono Marcus
Jono is a born and bred Joburg man currently working as a private banker. He pushes ...
KristenKristen Kaethler
Kristen is a 30 year old event planner living in Calgary. She is constantly on the ...
LisaLisa Duthie
Lisa is from Vancouver, and loves how close her city is to nature. Described by her ...
MattMatt Atkinson
Matt is from Calgary, Canada. He lives for fly fishing; when not on the river he ...
MayaMaya Blix
If travelling was an Olympic Sport, Maya Blix would be a gold medal winner. 'Ask ...
NickNick Bennett
Nick is an aspiring mountain bum from Cape Town. As the youngest member on the island, ...
SaulSaul Kornik
Saul lives occasionally in Johannesburg, South Africa. He can never quite sit still ...

Meet the commentators!
•  Adelle (the photojournalist)
•  Neil (the clinical psychologist)
•  Hein (the expert survivalist)

After April 2010 ...
20 May 2010
Post April 2010
Looking back on a life-changing month...
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What L2TL left me with...

April 2010 will be an unforgettable month for me for as long as I live and the benefits thereof will be felt in many areas of my life. I gained so much from this experience that it’s hard to pin point one particular benefit, but perhaps what stands above the rest is the huge feeling of gratitude that I have gained about my life.

Sadly, it is through experiencing difficult times that we are able to clearly see the wonder in our everyday lives. And Life 2 the Limit did just that. Life on the island was not easy for me. The lack of energy was incomprehensible and doing very simple, mundane things was often a huge effort. Which meant that for me, it was impossible not to be thankful for my health. I know that many people feel lethargic and tired through sickness every day of their lives and in my case, I don’t even get occasional headaches. I feel so lucky and blessed to be so healthy.

Another thing I feel extremely grateful for is the convenience of my life. Our basic needs on the island (food, water, shelter, warmth) had to be laboriously fetched, caught, made, cooked, etc whereas back at home, they are things I can get down the road whenever I want – with little or no effort whatsoever. Which does prompt everyone to become a little complacent and start taking things for granted. Well… no more. Now, every morning as I buy my coffee and muffin, I say thank you to the universe for the ease and convenience of this simple task, which is so much more than what it seems. It means that I have a car to get there, money to buy the coffee, a wonderful city that offers a great coffee spot, credit card facilities, wonderful service… and the list goes on and on. So basically, I have become a lot more grateful and thankful for everything in my life.

Another benefit of L2TL was to be able to spend a lot of time with myself. Introspection, reflection, planning and forecasting, dreaming, thinking, remembering, meditating, philosophizing, praying, looking, appreciating, valuing, growing… I have been so deprived of time for so long that I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have nothing to do – and more so, that it’s OK to have nothing to do! And I feel that this is key. We live in a “do” word instead of a “be” world. Like Dawna Markova writes, when we do nothing for 45 minutes, we expect the time police to come and arrest us. That is how conditioned we are to do things non-stop, even if these things bring no real benefit to our lives but rather fill the empty space that we are too scared to face with our own souls. And it’s really a pity, because we find out so much about ourselves in these times of quiet introspection. Like how to become better people - which was one of the things I tried to focus on during my time on the island. Now I am putting into practice all my new resolutions and I am happy to say that things are going very well!

Lastly, this first L2TL was a great tester for future expeditions of the same kind that I will organise for the public. I know what changes to make, what to keep the same and how to make it even more exciting. So watch this space!

One last word of THANKS to all my sponsors for their generous donations. It is really appreciated my friends! See you at the next one! Huenu xxx

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