Life 2 The Limit 2010

In April 2010, ten ordinary people will leave behind family, friends, and the comforts of home, and embark upon an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Armed with nothing more than the contents of a five-litre backpack, they'll set off for the raw beauty of the Asia Pacific archipelago, and 30 days alone on a remote island. Except they won't be entirely alone: they'll have snakes, insects, and thick tropical jungle for company - and, most challenging of all, each other.

There are no evictions, no immunities, no surprise luxuries: just one month learning to adjust to an alien environment, to make the jungle home, and to somehow survive on the island's fresh water, and whatever food the jungle and ocean offer. Food that will need to be hunted, trapped or caught. Hunger, sleep deprivation, and a range of emotional challenges - for the ten people involved, surviving the island could be their greatest achievement ever, as they discover exactly what it means to live Life 2 the Limit.

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AngiAngi Stanford
Angi's life philosophy is about balancing her 7 Fs: family, friends, finances, faith, ...
HuenuHuenu Solsona
Huenu is an entrepreneur with a big passion for adventure. She is the founder of ...
JoeJoe Starke
Joe is from Cape Town, South Africa. He enjoys playing frisbee, reading philosophy ...
JonoJono Marcus
Jono is a born and bred Joburg man currently working as a private banker. He pushes ...
KristenKristen Kaethler
Kristen is a 30 year old event planner living in Calgary. She is constantly on the ...
LisaLisa Duthie
Lisa is from Vancouver, and loves how close her city is to nature. Described by her ...
MattMatt Atkinson
Matt is from Calgary, Canada. He lives for fly fishing; when not on the river he ...
MayaMaya Blix
If travelling was an Olympic Sport, Maya Blix would be a gold medal winner. 'Ask ...
NickNick Bennett
Nick is an aspiring mountain bum from Cape Town. As the youngest member on the island, ...
SaulSaul Kornik
Saul lives occasionally in Johannesburg, South Africa. He can never quite sit still ...

Meet the commentators!
•  Adelle (the photojournalist)
•  Neil (the clinical psychologist)
•  Hein (the expert survivalist)

After April 2010 ...
20 May 2010
Post April 2010
Looking back on a life-changing month...
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Title: Photo Journalist

Adelle is a photo-journalist, overland 4x4 expedition guide, magazine editor and guide book author who loves adventuring. She’s been tracking with Bushmen in the Kalahari, had dinner in the Saharan dunes with the governor of Timbuktu, been caving in Borneo, diving with five-metre whale sharks, chewed qat in Yemen, and abseiled off Table Mountain.
Recent projects include sailing with Mike Horn's Pangaea expedition around Borneo, tour-guiding on a motor yacht in the Gambia, and two motoring expeditions, driving from China to Cape Town, and from Timbuktu to Table Mountain.

Favourite places are Sipadan off Borneo, Lake Malawi's islands, Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the mountains of northern Pakistan, anywhere in New York City, and definitely her home, Cape Town.


Title: Expert Survivalist

Hein is an ex Special Forces Soldier, who worked and traveled all over the African Continent for the past 30 years, more often than not living in extreme circumstances with little resources to the civilized world, making him a self-taught survivalist.

Hein produced and acted in his own Survival Reality Series “Woes” on South African Television, about African survival techniques, and is working on the follow up series. He currently teaches survival classes all over South Africa and has just completed his first book, “African Survival”, about the most useful and functional survival techniques to get you out of the most hazardous and extreme situations in the African continent. He is currently also busy writing a manual for the Special Forces.


Title: Clinical Psychologist

Neil qualified in 1983 with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. He worked until 1993 in both hospitals and private practice, specialising in the field of stress and anxiety management. He also consulted to sports people in the field of performance enhancement.

Since 1993, Neil's field of consulting and facilitating has included optimising emotional fitness and stress resilience, optimising the effectiveness of teams, advisory and consulting services to companies relating to the design and strategic implementation of health and wellness programmes in the workplace and much more.

Neil has a particular talent in translating his expertise and experience in very engaging, entertaining and impactful presentations to both public and corporate audiences. This has made him an increasingly popular choice as a speaker on a variety of public and corporate forums.